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Restroom Solutions

Convenient We deliver direct to your facility and maintain your inventory for a hassle-free program. Easy Billing Our StraightUp!™ billing makes it easy to view your total program cost - with no hidden charges. Flexible Delivery We offer flexible delivery schedules and can choose a frequency that works best for your facility needs. Take control of your facility costs with a managed program from ITU AbsorbTech. We offer inventory management, a flexible delivery schedule, cost and product utilization reports, and much more.


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Hand Washing

Hand Drying


Cotton Roll Towel

Industrial Soy Cleaner

Launderable, reusable cotton roll towels contribute to waste stream elimination.Towels are hygienically cleaned, washed, and dried at over 165 degrees. Eliminates paper towel mess and costly plumbing concerns. Attractive dispenser.

Removes tough grease and grime. Fibril scrubbers for extra cleansing power. Soy protein protects skin. Perfect for use in manufacturing, machine shops, printing, and auto repair. Biodegradable. Dispenser included.

½ gallon D596654 Cherry with pump, less than 2ml dispensed per use. Includes a new pump with every refill.

2125 ml

4,000 ml D596564 Reg D596659 Cherry D598564 Dispenser

D151100 White 38 Yard Roll D151120 Blue 38 Yard Roll D159204 Dispenser

D596561 Reg D596643 Cherry D598561 Dispenser

Antimicrobial, provides a soft cleansing wash. Unique formula washes and cleanses skin. Ideal for any light duty setting such as offices and schools. Air is infused into the soap resulting in a rich, creamy lather. Manual dispenser included. Foam Soap

Paper Towel - Rolls

Joe „ „ Reduces storage and shipping/receiving costs „ „ No plumbing costs from stopped up toilets and sinks „ „ Reduces slip hazards from wet paper on floors „ „ Reduces custodial costs with less trash to empty „ „ No disposal cost Better value than paper „ „ No capital investment „ „ Reduces energy cost „ „ Reduces employee time spent drying hands I n additional to being the superior choice in hygiene, comfort and the environment , Cotton Roll Towels can also save you money. Better value than air Cost savings with cotton

D596252 Natural 4800ft/case (6 rolls) 100% recycled paper D596275 White 4800ft/case (6 rolls) 100% recycled paper D596256 Dispenser, Handsfree, included with paper purchase ITU AbsorbTech Exclusive

Automatic Dispenser D596644 Foam 1000ml Cartridge D598567 Duo Dispenser

Manual Dispenser D596562 Foam 1000ml D598562 Dispenser

Common Roll Towels

D596226 Natural 3600ft/case (12 rolls) D596227 White 4200ft/case (6 rolls) D596242 Natural, 4800ft/case (6 rolls) D596259 Dispenser, lever action

Manual Dispenser D596557 Alcohol 1000ml D598557 Dispenser Kills 99.9% of common germs that cause illness. Evaporates quickly, leaving hands smooth and refreshed. Light citrus scent. Active Ingredient: 70% ethyl alcohol. Manual dispenser included. Instant Skin Sanitizer Automatic Dispenser D596645 Alcohol 1000ml Cartridge D598567 Duo Dispenser

“Our service rep. maintains our hand towels and air fresheners weekly, saving us shop labor. I appreciate knowing what my bill is going to be each week. We have been happy with ITU AbsorbTech and would recommend them.”

Paper Towel - Folded

D596230 White M-Fold, 4000 sheets/case (16 packs) D596229 Natural Singlefold, 4020 sheets/case (16 packs) D596250 White C-Fold, 2400 sheets/case (6 packs) D596261 Dispenser

Alcohol-Free Sanitizer

Formulated to kill 99.9% of most common germs. Frequent use reduces risk of illness. No water needed. Non-flammable. Active ingredient: Benzalkonium Chloride .1%. Dispenser included.

Paper Towel - Center Pull

Paul Brocket, Purchasing Manager, Monona Plumbing

D596228 2-ply Centerpull, 3000ft/case (6 rolls) D596260 Dispenser

D596596 Non-Alcohol 1000ml D598596 Dispenser


Odor Control


F-Matic Passive Air System

Toilet Tissue - 100% Recycled

60 days of odor control and air enhancement. Simple twist opening takes seconds. Contains a molecular odor counteractant that effectively fights odors rather than masking them. Gravity-operated system; no batteries, fuel cells, or any other artificial means of power. VOC compliant, recyclable refills. Dispenser included.

ITU AbsorbTech Exclusive

D596254 100% Recycled Toilet Tissue, 865 sheets/roll, 2 ply (36rolls)

D596257 Dispenser, 3 rolls, included with paper purchase D596258 Dispenser, 2 rolls, included with paper purchase

Covers 3,001 to 6,000 cubic feet (3-4 stalls)

D592149 – Mango Mystique D592169 – Rotating D598516 – Dispenser

D592167 – Cherries Jubilee D592168 – Orange Grove D592148 – Green Apple D592150 – Tropical Paradise

More on these fragrances to the bottom left

Toilet Tissue - Green Leaf

9in JRT Common

D596234 Toilet Tissue 9in JRT 2-ply, 12,000ft/case (12 rolls) D596235 Toilet Tissue 9in JRT 1-ply, 24,000ft/case (12 rolls) D596262 Side by side dispenser D596263 Single dispenser Jumbo

Natural Fragrance Gels

D596247 Toilet Tissue Jumbo, 12,000 ft/case (6 rolls) D596264 Dispenser

High quality natural fragrance gels clean and refresh the area. Work 24 hrs/day for 30 days. Dual odor- counteracting system eliminates odors rather than mask them. Ultra-dry formula means no drips on walls or floors. Dispenser and battery included. D592139 Key Lime D592143 Citrus Mandarin D592145 Rain Forest D592146 Mountain Mist D592147 Melon Harvest D592170 Rotating D598515 Fan Dispenser

Cherries Jubilee: Severe malodors, high traffic restrooms, locker rooms, soiled linen areas, trash and garbage areas, urine Orange Grove: Restrooms, locker rooms, soiled linen areas, trash and garbage areas, feces and vomit Green Apple / Tropical Paradise: Restrooms, locker rooms, soiled linen areas, trash and garbage, urine Mango Mystique: Lobbies, offices, general air freshening, moderate odors


D596233 Toilet Tissue Household Rolls, 48,000 sheets/case (96 rolls)

Covers up to 3,000 cubic feet (1-2 stalls)

Green Leaf icon indicates the product contains post-consumer recycled content, which qualifies for LEED points towards certification from the U.S. Green Building Council.

Hand / Facial Tissue

Urinal Deodorizer

D596239 2-ply Facial Tissue, 3000 sheets/case: (30 packages)

Powerful cleaner attacks odors at their source, preventing and removing years of build-up. Helps eliminate costly plumbing bills. Eco-friendly, recycled refill lasts 60 days and fits most urinals. No metal parts.

D596238 Kitchen Roll Towel, 2550 towels/case (30 rolls)

D592140 OmniGuiard™


Family of Services

Full line of reusable absorbents laundered and supported by a managed service program. „ „ Mats „ „ Socks „ „ Pads „ „ Liners

Clean and absorbent cotton roll towels are professionally laundered for a softer, more hygienic hand drying experience.

SorbIts ® Absorbents

Cotton Roll Towels

Complimentary Trial

Complimentary Trial

Managed program includes a dedicated specialist, OSHA/ANSI compliance and reliable delivery. „ „ Major injury „ „ Burn and eye care „ „ Minor injury „ „ Employee comfort

Full line of reusable printer and shop towels laundered and supported by a managed service

SorbIts ® Towels

First Aid

program. „ „ Printer „ „ Shop

„ „ Lint Free „ „ HiTech

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A wide variety of name brand apparel and accessories for direct

Our floor care programs prevent debris, improve safety and reduce facility maintenance costs.

Floor Care


purchase. „ „ Apparel „ „ Outerwear

„ „ Scrape „ „ Logo

„ „ Wipe „ „ Brush

„ „ Promotional gifts

Samples Available

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Our managed garment programs improve image, safety and

Washroom supplies and laundering programs for your facility’s needs. „ „ Washroom „ „ Gloves „ „ Mops „ „ Filter bags

Garments & FR

Facility Services

security. „ „ Work „ „ Business

„ „ Protective „ „ NFPA 70E

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